This is a sudden severe allergic reaction that can be deadly, so quick action is very important:  


  • call 000 immediately, 
  • ask for ambulance, 
  • say anaphylaxis or severe allergy and if one is available, 
  • administer EPIPEN
  • Lie the person down and do not let them stand up – very important

Signs of severe allergy:

  • Difficult/noisy breathing
  • Swelling of tongue
  • Swelling/tightness in throat
  • Wheeze or persistent cough
  • Difficulty talking and/or hoarse voice
  • Persistent dizziness or collapse
  • Pale and floppy (young children)

EpiPen® is prescribed for children over 20kg and adults. EpiPen®Jr is prescribed for children 7.5-20kg. Link to action plan for further measures and options for less severe reactions:

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