Childhood Immunisations

At Mt Martha Clinic we believe very firmly in the benefit of following the prescribed national child immunisation schedule.

We try to make this easier for parents by providing this service without the cost of a consultation in most circumstances. Once baby has had his or her first consultation with a doctor for the 6 week check up, all other visits for immunisations are covered by Medicare and are booked with one of our nurses in the specially decorated children’s room in our treatment room.


Our nurses are all accredited for immunisation and have had many years of experience in immunising children of all ages. They attend regular education activities keeping them up to date on all things new to do with vaccines and immunisations practices. They will make this experience, which can be stressful for parents and children as relaxed and comfortable as possible.


The nurse will discuss the vaccines your child is due to receive, and advise you about the possible minor, temporary side effects you might notice in your child after the immunisation. There will be a written sheet of information to read through with a “check list” of certain conditions and situations which might cause us to re-assess the immunisation program for your child.

A doctor will check the vaccines that the nurse has prepared to be given and answer any questions you still may have.

To further protect your baby, there may be vaccinations recommended for members of the family who will have contact with your baby during a period when the baby’s immunisations have not had time to be fully protective. This particularly applies to whooping cough (pertussis) and we recommend parents and grandparents check their vaccination status as part of the pregnancy planning process or as soon as possible after that.

If you would like more information about childhood vaccinations please follow the links below to these sites.

Links to current national immunisation programme:

Link to fact sheet explaining possible symptoms after immunisation and how to manage them:

Link to information on the illness preventable by immunisation and results of the national immunisation program on reducing the incidence of these illnesses so far:

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