COVID-19 Update

Our community has responded well to the call to vaccinate to reduce pressure on our hospitals and keep each other safe.   Thank you for your support and please be kind to yourselves and others. 


For all the current testing and isolation instructions, and also multi-language COVID information:


COVID-19 is in our community:


If you have tested positive to COVID-19:


If you are at high risk of severe illness:

You can access medication from Frankston Hospital to help reduce the severity of your infection.  This must be given within 5 days from the onset of symptoms.  Sotrovimab is a drug that can reduce the severity of COVID infection.  It is given by the hospital as an infusion over about 30 minutes and is reserved only for people at high risk of more severe infection form COVID-19 virus.  Please make a telephone consultation with your GP or speak to the Health Department or Hospital staff when they contact you about your positive result.


The following are links to resources for general advice to help you understand the virus and monitor your symptoms:

Please STOP the spread of the virus by wearing your mask, avoiding close contact with others, practicing good hand hygiene and cough/sneeze etiquette.