Dr Jane Offor is leaving

Reviewed by: Mt Martha Village Clinic

After 25 years at Mt Martha Village Clinic, Dr Jane Offor has decided to move on and find a new work direction for the next stage of her career.  She will be finishing work with our clinic on 28/6/2018 and intends to work as a locum GP all over Australia whilst exploring her new work options.

We have been very fortunate to have Dr Offor’s expert clinical skills along with her passion in advocating for patients.  She has been an outstanding presence in our clinic who is well respected for her ethical insights and working knowledge.  She has been instrumental in creating patient services including introducing our clinic to participate in the GP training program since 1998 to help professionally develop and mentor good clinicians for the GP workforce.

To all of Dr Offor’s patients, we hope you can find a new GP within our clinic with whom you can develop a good relationship.  Dr Offor has great confidence in her colleagues and is happy to help you transition.

Our practice community will all miss Jane and are very excited for her and her prospects in the next phase of her career.