Emergency Treatment

We have a well equipped treatment room and skilled practice nurses who work with the doctors to provide care in a range of emergencies. 

For problems such as chest pain or difficulty breathing it may be appropriate to call “000” and be attended to by a paramedic.

Two serious conditions requiring immediate ambulance attendance at your home include heart attack and stroke – see links below. Call 000.

In the case of injuries or accidents we can repair wounds and apply plasters. We can provide emergency support prior to the patient being transferred to hospital.

Emergency Contact




Emergency/Crisis care:


There are several emergency numbers you can call. 



During office hours call Mt Martha Village clinic if you feel you need to see a doctor urgently. If you are already seeing a psychologist you may be able to call them.
  • After hours you can call Peninsula Health 1300 792 977
  • Try not to be alone – call family or friends.

This information is from the site below – please have a look.  It includes options for help and action to prevent harm and lead to better health

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