Hand Foot and Mouth from Dr Richard Shanasy

Reviewed by: Mt Martha Village Clinic

We have had a few cases of hand foot and mouth disease recently so we thought it deserved a blog post. It’s rarely dangerous and has nothing to do with cows in England! It’s a disease caused by a virus (Coxsackie Virus) that often causes small blisters on the hands, feet and in the mouth of children under 10 or sometime young adults.

• high temperature (fever);
• sore throat;
• small blisters on the inside of the mouth, the sides of the tongue, palms of the hands, fingers, soles of the feet and nappy area (the blisters should not be itchy like chickenpox blisters);
• poor appetite;
• drinking and eating can be painful because of the mouth blisters;
• tiredness

It can be spread by the fluid in the blisters or fluid from the nose, mouth or chest.

It can be prevented with good hygiene and preventing children going to school with the illness.

There’s no specific treatment or cure, but there are some things to help treat the symptoms.

If your child has symptoms of a headache, stiff neck or back pain, seek medical advice immediately.

To find out more, the links below are really helpful.

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