Health Assessments

There are a number of Medicare funded Health Assessments and we Bulkbill these services:

Once you are over the age of 75 it is a good idea to have a thorough check up every year.
The aim of this is to help you remain as well and as independent as possible. We book an hour with a practice nurse followed by 15-30 minutes with your GP and this covers all areas of your health. We can help organise any services that you might benefit from.
For patients: 75 years and over



  • to identify problems and conditions that may be prevented; and
  • to provide intervention to improve health and quality of life.
  • to assess physical, psychological and social health


Some of the areas of discussion will include:

  • Activities of daily living, physical function, falls in last 3 months
  • Blood pressure, pulse rate and rhythm
  • Continence concerns
  • Medication review (consider a Home Medicine Review)
  • Psychological function (mood, cognition)
  • Social function/isolation, support required, carer status
  • Vaccinations (Fluvax, tetanus, pneumococcus, shingles)
  • Hearing and vision
  • Oral health
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Foot care
  • Sleep concerns
  • Exercise advice
  • CVD risks (hypertension, alcohol, smoking)
  • Home Safety


All of our seniors report back how much they enjoy their annual long health check.

Your doctor can complete the Australian Type 2 Diabetes Assessment Tool.

If you rate as being at high risk for diabetes then you are eligible for a comprehensive assessment to assist you to reduce your diabetes risk by making changes to your diet and lifestyle.  We book an hour with a practice nurse and then 15-30 minutes with your GP.
You can have this check once every 3 years.

If you are at risk of developing a chronic disease, based on lifestyle factors, current health issues or your family history, you can have a Medicare Funded health assessment once between the ages of 40 and 49.


We book an hour with a practice nurse followed by 15-30 minutes with your GP. We address issues such as age appropriate screening, diet, lifestyle, weight loss etc.

Your child is eligible if he or she has turned 3 years, and has not yet turned 5.
In 2012 year’s budget the government has provided funds for all pre-school children to have a basic check up. This is to screen them for any health problems which could affect their ability to get the best out of their early childhood years and primary education.
The earlier any little problems are found, the easier they are to respond to and minimize impact on a child’s development and well-being.


Medicare and Centrelink

The government has decided to link the family allowance payments to this healthy children check up, just like it has been linked to completion of the immunization schedule in previous years. If your child will turn 4 years old during the financial year, to continue to receive any family payments your child will need to have had their check up and be fully immunized.


What will happen at the health check?
You will bring your child to an appointment with the nurse and fill in a short questionnaire about your child’s health and any concerns you might have. The nurse will then perform an assessment of the following aspects of your child’s health and development:
• Eye sight • Hearing • Language • Gross Motor skills • Fine Motor Skill • Dental Health • Height and Weight • Nutrition and Activity • Bladder and Bowel • Behaviour and Happiness • Immunization • Allergies

After this you will see your doctor briefly to go through this assessment with you, and will check your child’s ears , heart and lungs.
If there are any potential concerns that are found a plan will be made to follow this up with a more detailed assessment as soon as possible.
Please note that your doctor is not apportioned time to address current illness at this visit. If your child is unwell and requiring attention on this day please advise the staff early on the day so doctor-time can be put aside.

How long will it take?

You should allow 45 minutes for the nurse assessment and 15 minutes with the doctor


Your child’s 4 year old immunizations can be given at this visit, if they have not already been given. Please let the nurse know about this when you book.


Helpful Links

Get Set 4 Life – Habits for Healthy Kids Guide

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people experience a burden of chronic disease two-and-a-half times that of other Australians.


Early intervention and the management of risk factors are key.
The Indigenous Health Check is annual check for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, a minimum of every 9 months. The checks aim to encourage early detection, diagnosis and intervention.

Patients with a health risk factor are eligible to receive 5 subsidised allied health visits and 10 free practice nurse or Aboriginal Health Worker visits every 12 months.

Link to great resources:

For people with intellectual disability there are extra challenges to the provision of best possible health care. There are also more resources available to help with this.


These include an annual long health assessment and planning consultation. In many cases our practice nurse will assist with this- but in some cases the doctor may do the entire assessment- please check with your doctor to check what is required in your circumstances. Planning good care is complex and can be time consuming as it usually involves several other health practitioners and carers, so we need to allow at least one hour for this visit.

Refugees who come to live in our community will have little experience with our health system, and require extra time and care in order for us to provide good health care.


We have access to guidelines and Medicare payments for health assessment to assist in this

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