Repeat Scripts & Update Existing Referrals

Repeat Scripts 


If you only require a prescription for an ongoing medication normally prescribed by your regular GP here, then we ask that you make a brief telephone consult or attend in person as you must do to qualify for your Medicare rebate.

Please make a standard appointment with your doctor if you want a professional opinion on any other matter. There is not enough time during a brief consultation to discuss any other health issues you have that needs appropriate attention.

A brief consultation is bulk billed and you may be offered an eScript.  This is a process where the doctor sends a link to your mobile phone via sms, then you present the link to  your pharmacist who downloads the script and dispenses your medication to you.  You may opt for another person to receive this link on your behalf.

There are government endorsed apps that can store all your eScripts in one place so you can see them easily.  The following links are the government endorsed apps we know about:

If you require prescription for an authority script (medication the doctor calls the government for permission to prescribe) please make a standard in person or telehealth appointment.  If you require the contraceptive pill, please arrange a standard consultation to attend in person. 

We appreciate 3 days notice to ensure your doctor is available to do this for you.  Occasionally your doctor may create a script without a brief appointment, this service will incur a non-rebatable fee and you must have had a consult in the last 6 months.

If you have not attended the practice in the last 12 months, then we ask that you make a standard face to face appointment.    Please see our fees page for information.


Existing Referrals


If you require your existing referral to be updated to a specialist that you are seeing for an ongoing medical problem, we ask that you make a brief telephone consultation with your GP or attend in person.   A brief consultation may be bulk billed if you fulfill the Medicare criteria.  For telephone appointment, you need to have attended the clinic within the last 12 months.

If you require a referral to a specialist who you have not seen before, or our doctor has not referred you to before then we ask you make a standard appointment, please see our fees page for information.

Please contact us a minimum of 3 days notice prior to your specialist appointment to ensure your GP is available to do this. 

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