Skin Checks from Dr Vanessa Thompson

Reviewed by: Mt Martha Village Clinic

Skin Checks

With summer approaching, its always a good idea to make sure your skin health is in check. In addition to SLIP SLOP SLAP, making sure you have your skin check on an annual basis is a great way to monitor any changes and pick up any early signs of skin cancer. You are the best person to detect any changes in your skin. If you are at all concerned, come in for a skin check. In the meantime an easy, systematic way to approach any new spots or changes in existing freckles or moles is as follows:

A – Asymmetry. If you notice any freckles or moles which are not rounded or symmetrical, have them checked

B – Border. Any spots with irregular borders may be suspicious

C – Colour. If there are different colours within the same spot, this may be a sign of cell damage

D – Diameter. If you notice spots growing quickly and increasing in diameter, they may need a check

E – Edge. If you notice raised edges on a spot, please have it checked by your doctor.

And remember, if you have any concerns at any time we are here to help!
Enjoy the summer!