Test Results and Telephone

Test Results


We have a new automated system via AutoMed sms text message to provide you with your results.

If you opt into this system, you will receive notification once all your tests have returned even if they are normal.  

In addition your doctor may include a comment on any simple information or instruction to you.

Your doctor may decide your results warrant further discussion or explanation, then they will ask you to return for a non-urgent appointment to explain them to you and go through your options to formulate a plan to manage your health.  It is far better to prevent or delay the onset of any illness where possible, so early detection is best to keep your health. 

For more information, please click on the links below:


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AutoMed Mobile App Instructions


Telephone Policy


If you wish to speak to your doctor and the matter is urgent please say so.  We cannot interrupt your doctor for routine matters and you may be advised to attend for a consultation if appropriate.  However if your matter is not urgent, then a message will be left so you doctor can return your call when the doctor is not consulting.  Please do not expect your doctor to engage in lengthy consultation over the phone.

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