About Our Clinic

Practice Mission Statement


What do we look for in our Practice?

  • A harmonious and inclusive environment with which to welcome patients.

  • A harmonious and enjoyable environment for independent general practitioners and staff to flourish and create opportunities for their personal growth and job satisfaction.
  • A holistic approach to medicine, mindful of the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of all patients.
  • Recognition of the role of preventative medicine, counselling and lifestyle management for all patients.
  • Independent general practitioners who provide continuity of care and long-term commitment to their community, patients and fellow doctors.
  • Independent general practitioners and staff who participate in on-going medical education and quality assurance training.
  • The incorporation of current medical developments, including technology to enhance the treatment of all patients.
  • Commitment to quality care promoted to all patients.

Practice Philosophy


We recognise our responsibility to positively enhance our community.  

This practice is committed to providing the highest quality accredited general practice care to all members of this community. We take a whole person approach to caring for our patients, recognizing the importance of both physical and emotional well-being. We aim to promote a sense of pride for independent general practitioners and staff to deliver excellent and compassionate care.